The Process

Step 1 – 501C meets with a representative from the nonprofit to discuss goals.


Step 2 – 501C arranges a meeting between an experienced economist or professional and a representative from the nonprofit to assess available data and more detailed needs.


Step 3 – 501C forms a team (a team is comprised of the assigned professional(s), a project manager from 501C, and any additional support for the volunteer) to review the feasibility of the project.


Step 4 – The team drafts a detailed project plan that all parties agree to and sign (501C, the assigned professional, and the nonprofit).


Step 5 – Work begins and 501C is informed of any progress that is made.


Step 6 – After an agreed upon amount of time, there is a review with all three parties. If the project is off track, action will be taken by 501C to realign the project. In extreme cases, the project may be terminated or assigned to a different team.


Step 7 -  Upon completion, the parties meet to agree on publication options. We will post reports on the 501C website, and all parties must agree on any public messaging.


Step 8 – 501C will meet with both parties to review the process, impact, and to get any feedback for future projects.