Why is 501C for Me?

501C Economics strives to match volunteer economists with nonprofits in order to improve the efficiency, efficacy, and impact of nonprofits. This mission is based on the basic belief that the continual improvement of nonprofits can have a profoundly positive impact on the causes they serve.

No doubt there is significant financial pressure on charitable organizations. We believe that the skills and tools economists have can be used to help nonprofits answer questions that are being asked of them while also providing solutions to improve internal efficiency and determine which programs are the most effective. Moreover, we also see an opportunity for economists to apply their skills toward a productive, charitable cause.

Why Volunteer?

A natural question for any economist to ask is, “What’s in it for me?” Our response is threefold. First, we believe you will gain exposure to problems you might not encounter in your current position, be it in academia or the private sector. Therefore, we believe there is an opportunity to expand upon your skills and broaden your professional experience, making you more valuable to any organization.

Second, if you are a researcher, we believe there is much to gain from continual exposure to the problems faced by nonprofits and the people or causes they serve. If your research interests align with the aims of the nonprofit you volunteer for, there may be potential research questions and problems you might solve that you might not have been privy to without volunteering your time and interacting with subjects in the field.

Lastly, economists are humans, too. Economists do not exist in a purely rational and self-interested mindset. Therefore, we believe that economists will want to volunteer their time and effort simply because it is good to do so.