Our Mission

501C Economics strives to match volunteer economists, consultants, statisticians, and data scientists with nonprofits in order to improve the efficiency, efficacy, and impact of nonprofits. This mission is based on the basic belief that the continual improvement of nonprofits can have a profoundly positive impact on the causes they serve.

No doubt there is significant financial pressure on charitable organizations. We believe that data, coupled with the right analysis, can help nonprofits answer questions that are being asked of them while also providing solutions to improve internal efficiency and to determine which programs are most effective. Moreover, we also see an opportunity for economists and data professionals to apply their skills toward a productive, charitable cause.

Our aims are:

Along with the immediate benefits that come from professional analysis of program impacts, design, and implementation, 501C Economics also hopes to establish a positive feedback loop between researchers and nonprofits. Specifically, we hope that academics and researchers can build stronger relationships with practitioners in their field and thus identify new research opportunities. Further, we hope that nonprofits can benefit from a closer connection to the latest research and forward-thinking ideas, which they can implement and test in real-world settings.